Pinterest is Growing Fast! Learn How To Benefit With Images, Products and More.

Pinterest Marketing for BusinessPinterest helps people collect and organize interest from cooking, photography, tips, products, clothing, etc. Pins can be almost anything—a gift, recipe, or even a quote. For business, hope these first sentences spark ideas. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking website that shows what we want, what we didn’t know and wishlist of items for future reference.

Pinterest connects people through shared interests, below are some latest stats.

Facts: Pinterest overtook Facebook in terms of revenue per visit (RPV) in the UK in 2013, and is expected to do the same in the US this year. Emails promoting Pinterest are seeing stronger response rates than those promoting Facebook or Twitter. 1/3 of Women in U.S. use Pinterest.

Pinterest analytics help find what people are Pinning from your website, viewing your Pins, and click through of your content. Insights into times users Pin, is huge.

We offer strategy to getting started on Pinterest all the way to kick starting your board with categories, pins and descriptions.

Content Sourcing

With imagery the most influential sharing mechanism for engagement, the web has an endless supply of great things to share. We pin anything that relates to your business and ensure boards are descriptive for search enhancement and engagement.

Building Followers

Targeted pins are the core of an effective Pinterest campaign and daily updating ensures your brand will be seen at Pinterest’s peak hours. Each piece of fresh content we develop creates an additional touch point for consumers to discover your business.

Analytic Insights

If there is anything we do with social media, it’s gather insights into performance with analytics. Pinterest provide great insights into how users engage with your board, when your content gets pinned and what is working best. All this provides the ability to tweak campaigns.

Building Boards

This social network has been around for a while, but it’s picking up steam…fast. Building boards can be absolutely challenging and time consuming. Need a kick start to your profile, we can build a presence in short order. Of course this takes time to review and ensure anything pinned is relevant and links to appropriate websites.