Facebook Marketing & Management. Advertise and Promote with Targeted Precision.

Facebook MarketingHire us to build and administer your Facebook company/fan page, keep content flowing and interesting. Just imagine if you accumulate 500 page likes, that’s 500 people that have seen your brand. With over 750 million active Facebook users daily, there’s an audience for you to reach.

Building rapport is the first intent when building a following on Facebook; don’t push products or services only.

Businesses can start promoting their content and offerings by advertising to a highly targeted audience. The only requirement is a Facebook account. It’s about how to drive traffic to the Facebook business page and your company website. In order to build a business page, it requires a two-way conversation, this is engagement.

Effective business pages share useful content, photos, facts, links and quotes. This content builds trust with followers and gets them talking about the business. Every business has at least 3 selling points and/or value added services to offer.

Starting with each value added service could quickly turn into many stories and interesting content. Facebook marketing works best when building trust with the audience. Let them know what’s in it for them and why they should care.